Comparing two locations for accuracy in Android

If you are developing a android application which uses android Location Service and you need to find best estimated location by comparing two locations, where one location is the currently obtained location and other is from the location fix then this post contains answer to your question. The below mentioned code contains a method isBetterLocation […]

Creating multithreaded web server in Java

      Web server is a application which runs on server machine and listens request from various clients on specific port and gives some specific response for each request. Web servers and client machines uses sockets for transferring data between each other. In general if we construct simple web server using single execution instance then it […]

Java Programming Question.

Q. String MatrixWrite an Application while will accept a algebraic expression of variables (without limit invariable numbers) and equivalent number of matrices of any order n of square matrix. The outputshould be the corresponding operation on matrix element as specified in equation.Java Code:import*;import java.util.Stack;import java.util.Vector;public class que3ans { /** * @param args */ static […]