Expandable recursive tree table with AngularJS and Bootstrap

Below is the code for AngularJs directive which will render a table structure containing tree in its first column and data in further columns. By clicking on tree node one can expand/collapse subsequent rows. Please take a look at sample data provided to understand the data model used in this directive. angularTreeTable.directive.js



Using HTML5 Web Workers with AngularJs

Web workers introduced in Html5 provide a background mechanism to perform multi-threaded tasks. They add the ability to perform computationally heavy tasks like downloading or mathematical computation without hanging the user interface. Although AngularJS and web workers are both intended for asynchronous execution, both serve different purposes and should be used in conjunction. Angular JS […]

Simple Calculator in Javascript

<html><title></title><head><script type=”text/javascript” >document.write(“<center><div style=’background-color: Green;color:wheat;text-align:center;position:relative;left:0%;top:0%;width:60%;height:50%;z-index:1′>”);document.write(“<h1>Simple Calculator</h1><br>” );document.write(“A = <input type=’text’ id=’001′ ><br><br>”);document.write(“B = <input type=’text’ id=’002′><br><br><br>”);document.write(“<input type=’button’ value=’Adition’ onclick=’add( )’>”);document.write(“<input type=’button’ value=’Subtract’ onclick=’sub( )’>”);document.write(“<input type=’button’ value=’Multiply’ onclick=’mul( )’>”);document.write(“<input type=’button’ value=’Divide’ onclick=’divide( )’>”);document.write(“<input type=’button’ value=’Mod’ onclick=’mod()’>”);document.write(“<br><br><input type=’button’ value=’Clear All’ onclick=’clear1()’></div>”);function changebg() { document.getElementById(“001”).bgcolor.value = document.getElementById(“001”).bgcolor.value + 1; }function clear1() { document.getElementById(“001″).value = ” “; document.getElementById(“002”).value = […]