Changing routing table entries on windows operating system

To change the routing table entries on windows operating system we need to use “route” command. In windows operating system, “route” is a command-line utility used to view and manipulate the TCP/IP routing tables. Manual manipulation of the routing table is characteristic of static routing i.e., if we are manipulating routing tables using “route” command then we are doing static routing not dynamic routing.
To see details about “route” command simply type “route” on cmd as shown below:
This will display following information:

Now to simply print the routing table information type “route PRINT” as shown below:

This will output the information similar to as shown below, this information contains Network Interface List and
Routing Table mapings for both IPv4 and IPv6 based IPs.

This information can be manipulated by using following various options of “route” command as shown below:

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