Basic things that every TCS CodeVita participant must know


  • You know that codevita is a team contest with team size 2.
  • As a team you get 6 hrs to solve the problems. If both team members’ login at same time they will get 6 hrs each.


  • CodeVita will consider team scores. You should choose a strategy that will maximize your chances of solving maximum problems.
  • You know that you have a chance to make unlimited submissions in any of the 7 languages that the system supports.
  • Supported languages are C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, Python and Ruby.
  • You can attempt a single problem in any number of languages as you wish. So lets say you started solving a problem in C and a few submissions later you feel that this problem is better solved in Java, you can do that.
  • Your target should be to get your submission in “Accepted” state.

Compilers and IDEs :

  • You know that you have to write code on your machine and submit the code file as a File Upload to the CodeVita web application.
  • You know that CodeVita uses the following language versions


Cgcc 4.1.2 on Linux
C++g++ 4.1.2 on Linux
C#mono 2.10.1 on Linux which iscompatible with .Net framework 2.0 to 4.
JavaOracle JDK 1.7 on Linux
Perl5.10 on Linux
Python2.7 on Linux


  • If your workstation is non-Linux, you know that these software versions are available for all major platforms such as Windows, Mac etc. at zero cost. You have downloaded and installed the compilers on your machine which you will use to participate in CodeVita.
  • You are free to use IDEs of your choice, but ensure that you know what switches it uses to compile your code.


  • You are closely following the CodeVita schedule and you know what are the important milestones such as dates of Mocks, Round 1 and Round 2.


  • Mocks will be launched on 25th Jul, 3 PM IST.
  • You know you should make use of mocks to get familiarized with the Look and Feel of the application UI and functionalities that it provides
  • Mock data will be cleared daily so that you get a chance to participate daily.


Honors Code

  • You know that it’s an open book exam. You are allowed to refer to books and internet. However you are expected to submit your original contribution. Plagiarism or cheating of any kind is highly condemned.
  • When you make a submission to the CodeVita system you are stating that the solution is your own work and is not copied from other person or written in collusion with any person other than your team-mate.

That’s it…..isn’t it simple?


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