For storing billions of images, Filesystem or Database ?

If you are thinking about to store million of images and unable to decide which side to go, either store them into database systems such as MySql or on the file system ? Then probably this post will help you. The answer to this question is depend upon the size of images  you   want     to store. If the average size of the images you want to store is less than 10 kb (usually thumbnails only), then its good to go with   database   systems only, most of the database systems with latest updates are useful for this purpose, but if the average size of images is more than that,   then  I  will personally recommend you to use file system for storing images and using database systems for storing paths of those images.Why not to use Database system  for storage and Why to use for storing paths ?
Because most of the database systems such as MySql takes more time to process and deliver such data, and you also need to write lots of code for storing and retrieving images to and from the database, where as database systems are much efficient in performing searching and traversing operations on millions of rows.
Why not to use file system for traversing and searching ?  and Why to use for storing ?
Because most of the file systems are really slow to handle operations such as searching and traversing millions of files usually they   are   not build for that, mostly windows based servers are slow. Where as file systems  are much more efficient for storing and delivering files  to  network, file system being part of OS, uses system calls for delivering files on the network which is really fast operation as compared to  database  systems.


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