Video decryption using caesar cipher - Matlab Tutorial

% code for encryption is available at'encrypted.avi');nFrames=obj.NumberOfFrames;%// Will open an avi file name test.avi in local folderaviobj = avifile('decrypted.avi');%// the quality of this video fileaviobj.Quality = 80;%// compression method. See matlab manual for details.aviobj.COMPRESSION ='None';%%color imagefor k=1:nFrames    img=read(obj,k);   % figure(1),imshow(img,[]);    img_size=size(img);                    %disp(temp);                    %image(img);                    %12X22                    %pause(4);                    img1=zeros(img_size(1),img_size(2),3);                    for a =1:img_size(1)                        for b=1:img_size(2)                            for c=1:img_size(3)                                img1(a,b,c)= img(a,b,c);                            end;                        end;                    end;                     for a =1:img_size(1)                        for b=1:img_size(2)                            for c=1:img_size(3)                                    img1(a,b,c)= img1(a,b,c)-200;                                    if(img1(a,b,c)<0)                                    img1(a,b,c)=255+img1(a,b,c);                                    end;                                    img(a,b,c)=img1(a,b,c);                            end;                        end;                    end;                    %image(img);                    imshow(img,[]);                    aviobj = addframe(aviobj,img);                    %disp(img1);endaviobj = close(aviobj);disp('video is decrypted sucessfully');

video decryption using caesar cipher
Click Here to Download full Source Code : Download Link


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