Python script to print files statistics

import osimport sysclass Stats:    def __init__(self):        self.stats = {}    def statargs(self, args):        for arg in args:            if os.path.isdir(arg):                self.statdir(arg)            elif os.path.isfile(arg):                self.statfile(arg)            else:                sys.stderr.write("Can't find %s\n" % arg)                self.addstats("<???>", "unknown", 1)    def statdir(self, dir):        self.addstats("<dir>", "dirs", 1)        try:            names = os.listdir(dir)        except os.error, err:            sys.stderr.write("Can't list %s: %s\n" % (dir, err))            self.addstats("<dir>", "unlistable", 1)            return        names.sort()        for name in names:            if name.startswith(".#"):                continue # Skip CVS temp files            if name.endswith("~"):                continue# Skip Emacs backup files            full = os.path.join(dir, name)            if os.path.islink(full):                self.addstats("<lnk>", "links", 1)            elif os.path.isdir(full):                self.statdir(full)            else:                self.statfile(full)    def statfile(self, filename):        head, ext = os.path.splitext(filename)        head, base = os.path.split(filename)        if ext == base:            ext = "" # E.g. .cvsignore is deemed not to have an extension        ext = os.path.normcase(ext)        if not ext:            ext = "<none>"        self.addstats(ext, "files", 1)        try:            f = open(filename, "rb")        except IOError, err:            sys.stderr.write("Can't open %s: %s\n" % (filename, err))            self.addstats(ext, "unopenable", 1)            return        data =        f.close()        self.addstats(ext, "bytes", len(data))        if '\0' in data:            self.addstats(ext, "binary", 1)            return        if not data:            self.addstats(ext, "empty", 1)        #self.addstats(ext, "chars", len(data))        lines = data.splitlines()        self.addstats(ext, "lines", len(lines))        del lines        words = data.split()        self.addstats(ext, "words", len(words))    def addstats(self, ext, key, n):        d = self.stats.setdefault(ext, {})        d[key] = d.get(key, 0) + n    def report(self):        exts = self.stats.keys()        exts.sort()        # Get the column keys        columns = {}        for ext in exts:            columns.update(self.stats[ext])        cols = columns.keys()        cols.sort()        colwidth = {}        colwidth["ext"] = max([len(ext) for ext in exts])        minwidth = 6        self.stats["TOTAL"] = {}        for col in cols:            total = 0            cw = max(minwidth, len(col))            for ext in exts:                value = self.stats[ext].get(col)                if value is None:                    w = 0                else:                    w = len("%d" % value)                    total += value                cw = max(cw, w)            cw = max(cw, len(str(total)))            colwidth[col] = cw            self.stats["TOTAL"][col] = total        exts.append("TOTAL")        for ext in exts:            self.stats[ext]["ext"] = ext        cols.insert(0, "ext")        def printheader():            for col in cols:                print "%*s" % (colwidth[col], col),            print        printheader()        for ext in exts:            for col in cols:                value = self.stats[ext].get(col, "")                print "%*s" % (colwidth[col], value),            print        printheader() # Another header at the bottomdef main():    args = sys.argv[1:]    if not args:        args = [os.curdir]    s = Stats()    s.statargs(args) __name__ == "__main__":    main()

 Output :
python script for printing file stats output


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