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How Web Browser Works ?

      Now days one of the most important software use for surfing web called a Web browser. Web Browsers enables a user to navigate through Web pages by  fetching those pages from some servers and subsequently displaying them on the user’s screen.  A web browser typically provides an interface by which hyperlinks are displayed in such a way that the user can easily select them through a single mouse click. In old days web browser used to be simple program but now days thing are changed, browsers are considered to be one of the most complex piece of software. Logically,we browsers consist of several components, shown in Figure. An important aspect of Web browsers is that it should (ideally) be platform independent. This goal is often achieved by making use of standard graphical libraries, shown as the display back-end, along with standard networking libraries. The core of a browser is formed by the browser engine and the rendering engine. The latter contains all the code for properly di

Java Programming Question

Q.  Using loops and control statements to draw lines can lead to many interesting designs. Create the design in the left screen capture of Figure. This design draws lines from the top-left corner, fanning out the lines until they cover the upper-left half of the panel. One approach is to divide the width and height into an equal number of steps (we found 15 steps worked well). The first endpoint of a line will always be in the top-left corner (0, 0). The second endpoint can be found by starting at the bottom-left corner and moving up one vertical step and right one horizontal step. Draw a line between the two endpoints. Continue moving up and to the right one step to find each successive end-point. The figure should scale accordingly as you resize the window. Java Code: import javax.swing.JPanel; import javax.swing.JFrame; import java.awt.Graphics; public class q2ans extends JPanel { public static void main(String args[]) { q2ans panel = new q2ans(); //creates a panel JFrame frameapp =

Doubly linked list operations in C language.

/* Doubly linked list operationsInsertion , Deletion, Searching*/#include<stdio.h>#include<conio.h>#include<malloc.h>void insert();void deleted();void search();void display();int i=0;struct node *head,*temp,*m,*loc;int count;struct node{int data;struct node *prev;struct node *next;};int main(){    int op;    do{printf("n <<Doubly Linked List Operations>>");printf("n1.Insert Element");printf("n2.Delete Element");printf("n3.Search Element");printf("n4.Display");printf("n5.Exit");    scanf("%d",&op);    switch(op)    {    case 1:         insert();         break;    case 2:         deleted();         break;    case 3:         search();         break;    case 4:         display();         break;    case 5:         break;    default: printf("nPlease Enter Valid Choice..");    }     }while(op!=5);getch();}void insert(){printf("nEnter Elements To Be Inserted");temp =(stru