Doubly linked list operations in C language.

/* Doubly linked list operationsInsertion , Deletion, Searching*/#include<stdio.h>#include<conio.h>#include<malloc.h>void insert();void deleted();void search();void display();int i=0;struct node *head,*temp,*m,*loc;int count;struct node{int data;struct node *prev;struct node *next;};int main(){    int op;    do{printf("n <<Doubly Linked List Operations>>");printf("n1.Insert Element");printf("n2.Delete Element");printf("n3.Search Element");printf("n4.Display");printf("n5.Exit");    scanf("%d",&op);    switch(op)    {    case 1:         insert();         break;    case 2:         deleted();         break;    case 3:         search();         break;    case 4:         display();         break;    case 5:         break;    default: printf("nPlease Enter Valid Choice..");    }     }while(op!=5);getch();}void insert(){printf("nEnter Elements To Be Inserted");temp =(struct node *) malloc(sizeof(struct node));    scanf("%d", &temp->data);if(i==0)    {temp->next = NULL;temp->prev =NULL;head=temp;m=temp;i++;}else{               temp->prev = m;               m->next = temp;               m=temp;        }        m->next=NULL;        printf("n Element Inserted successfully..");}   void display(){ printf("      PPREV     DATA       NEXT       NODE_ADDRESS "); temp=head; while(temp != NULL) {  printf("n %10u %7d %13u %13u ",temp->prev,temp->data,temp->next,temp);  temp = temp->next;  }}void deleted(){ printf("nEnter the address of the location to delete.."); scanf("%u", &loc); if( loc == NULL) {  printf("nOverflow");  }  else{  if(loc->prev ==NULL)  head =loc;  loc->prev->next=loc->next;  loc->next->prev=loc->prev;  free(loc);  printf("Element deleted Successfully");  }}void search(){ int item; printf("nEnter the element to be Search..");   scanf("%d",&item); temp=head; while(temp != NULL) {  if(temp->data == item)  {   printf("Item found at address LOC => %u",temp);   break;             }   temp = temp->next;   }   if(temp==NULL)   printf("n Item Not found");}



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