8086 - Program to draw on screen using mouse (Free Hand Drawing)

 ;Free hand drawing using mousecode segmentstart: mov ax, data mov ds, ax   mov al, 13hmov ah, 0   ; set graphics video mode.int 10h   mov ax, 0    ;initialize mouseint 33h                   mov ax, 1  ;shows mouse cursor         int 33h     start1:               mov ax, 3  ;get cursor positon in cx,dx        int 33h           call putpix ;call procedure         jmp start1       ;defining procedure to print    putpix proc    mov al, 1100b        mov ah, 0ch        shr cx,1           ; cx will get double so we divide it by twoint 10h     ; set pixel.ret     putpix endp     end:     mov ah,4ch     int 21hcode ends end start



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