Matlab code for uploading images to FTP server

Following is the MATLAB Code for establishing connection with remote FTP Server and uploading image files to this Server.

main_path='C:\Users\Dell\Downloads\TakeVideoTakeVideoframes';mov_path='C:\Users\Dell\Downloads\TakeVideoTakeVideoframes2';if ~exist(mov_path, 'dir')        mkdir(mov_path);end;a=dir(main_path);f = ftp('','uname','pass');cd(f,'matlab');k = 1;while ~isempty(a)fullfilename = [main_path int2str(k) '.png'];%movfullfname = [mov_path int2str(k) '.png'];disp(fullfilename);x=exist(fullfilename,'file');if x > 0x=1;end;if x        temp=0;        mput(f,fullfilename );        movefile(fullfilename,mov_path);     end;  k = k+1;      end;



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