Best alternative to Google Adsense

      So you want to earn money from blogging or need to monetize your website. Google adsense is considered to be best advertising network in the world, many developers and owners says that there is no alternative to adsense advertising. 
      Its true that once you have setup adsense on your website and started displaying advertising then you can earn some dollars definitely, obviously it depends upon the amount of traffic comes to your website, unique visitors, page views, and so many other factors. But you might come across many problems while registering your adsense account. They simply don’t allow any website which does not comply with their policies. And sometimes even after you have set up well, they may block your account if you found to be doing some activity which is not valid as per their policies.
So in short adsense means difficult especially for small business or startups (less page views and similar other problems). But I think there are some alternatives to adsense available now days. Following are some of them

       1. Chitika
       2. Clicksor
       3. Bidvertiser
     I have tried the all above mentioned advertising networks. As per my personal experience the Chitika is the best and most popular alternative to adsense. The interface they provide is very user friendly and the ads they provide are with high cost so that you can earn more money with fewer clicks. The reports they generates are on every next day means you can see today’s clicks report on tomorrow as well as custom reporting is also available. There is no minimum requirement of hits or unique visitors for opening your account on chitika, so no matter if traffic coming to your site is less. Whereas I will recommend you to have high traffic rate on your site so that you will earn more money.
      Now about others, Clicksor is moderate because the quality of ads they display is not so good and their click rate is also very low, especially there popup ads just disturbs the user. I would like to recommend you never use pop up ads because most of peoples hate them.
Bidvertiser is another alternative which is also not so good. The quality of ads they display is not fine and you might earn very less money with it. So as per as I think Chitika is best is the best alternative to adsense.
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