Testing tools for AngularJS applications

For testing AngularJS applications there area unit bound tools that you just ought to use which will build testing abundant easier to line up and run.


Karma may be a JavaScript program line tool that may be wont to spawn an online server that hundreds your application’s ASCII text file and executes your tests. you'll piece fate to run against variety of browsers, that is beneficial for being assured that your application works on all browsers you would like to support. fate is dead on the program line and can show the results of your tests on the program line once they need run within the browser.

Karma may be a NodeJS application and will be put in through NPM/YARN. Full installation directions area unit out there on the fate web site.


Jasmine may be a behavior-driven development framework for JavaScript that has become the foremost fashionable selection for testing AngularJS applications. bush provides functions to assist with structuring your tests and additionally creating assertions. As your tests grow, keeping them well structured and documented is significant, and bush helps attain this.

Jasmine comes with variety of matches that assist you build a range of assertions. you ought to browse the bush documentation to ascertain what they're. To use bush with fate, we have a tendency to use the karma-jasmine take a look at runner.


AngularJS additionally provides the ngMock module, that provides mocking for your tests. this can be wont to inject and mock AngularJS services inside unit tests. additionally, it's able to extend alternative modules in order that they area unit synchronous. Having tests synchronous keeps them abundant cleaner and easier to figure with. one in every of the foremost helpful components of ngMock is $httpBackend, that lets U.S.A. mock XHR requests in tests and come back sample information instead.



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