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Expandable recursive tree table with AngularJS and Bootstrap

Below is the code for AngularJs directive which will render a table structure containing tree in its first column and data in further columns. By clicking on tree node one can expand/collapse subsequent rows. Please take a look at sample data provided to understand the data model used in this directive. angularTreeTable.directive.js 'use strict';(function () { let app = angular.module('TestApp'); app.directive('angularTreeTable', function () { return { restrict: 'EA', transclude: true, scope: {tableData: '=', tableConfig: '='}, bindToController: true, templateUrl: 'angularTreeTable.directive.html', controller: function ($scope, StatusMessage, $sce) { let ctrl = this; }, controllerAs: "ctrl" }; });})();   angularTreeTable.directive.html <div class="treeTable"> <table class=&qu

Printing all Permutations of a String - C Programming Tutorial

In this c programming tutorial we are going to see a c program to print all permutations of a given string. Now let's see what is a permutation. A permutation, also called an arrangement number or order, is a rearrangement of the elements of an ordered list S into a one-to-one correspondence with S itself. A string of length n has n! permutation. Source: Mathword Below are the permutations of string CBA. ABC, ACB, BAC, BCA, CAB, CBA Algorithm Paradigm: Backtracking Time Complexity: O(n*n!) Please write comments if you find the above codes/algorithms incorrect, or find other ways to solve the same problem. #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> /* Function to swap values at two pointers */ void swap(char *x, char *y) { char temp; temp = *x; *x = *y; *y = temp; } /* Function to print permutations of string This function takes three parameters: 1. String 2. Starting index of the string 3. Ending index of the string. */ void permute(char *

Determining if Two Trees are Identical - C Programming Tutorial

In this c programming tutorial we are going to see how we can compare two trees to check whether they are identical or not. Two trees are identical when they have same data and arrangement of data is also same. To identify if two trees are identical, we need to traverse both trees simultaneously, and while traversing we need to compare data and children of the trees. Below is the simple Algorithm to compare two trees : sameTree(tree1, tree2) 1. If both trees are empty then return 1 2. Else If both trees are non -empty Check data of the root nodes (tree1->data == tree2->data) Check left subtrees recursively i.e., call sameTree( tree1->left_subtree, tree2->left_subtree) Check right subtrees recursively i.e., call sameTree( tree1->right_subtree, tree2->right_subtree) If a,b and c are true then return 1. 3. Else return 0 (one is empty and other is not) Time Complexity : Complexity of the identicalTree() will be according to the tree with lesser num

Frequency of characters in a String - C Programming Tutorial

In this c programming tutorial we are going to see program which computes frequency of characters in a string i.e. which character is present how many times in a string. For example in the string "krishna" each of the character 'k', 'r', 'i','s','h','n', and 'a' has occurred one time. Note that only lower case alphabets are considered, other characters (uppercase and special characters) are ignored. For counting number of characters in a string we need to traverse the whole string from its start to end and store the count for each character that appears in string. For storing character count we can use simple integer array with name say "count" and having size 26 as there are only 26 alphabets (we are ignoring special symbols and uppercase characters). Now to make program efficient we are making use of ASCII values of characters. See the "count[string[c]-'a']++" statement in code, consider in

Implementing Vector - C Programming Tutorial

In this c programming tutorial we are going to see code for implementing vector in c language or creating array of size N (Any size array) in language. So let's proceed, in this c programming tutorial we're just going to create a dynamically sized array of integers. Here's what the definition of a vector interface might look like: // vector.h #define VECTOR_INITIAL_CAPACITY 100 // Define a vector type typedef struct { int size; // slots used so far int capacity; // total available slots int *data; // array of integers we're storing } Vector; void vector_init(Vector *vector); void vector_append(Vector *vector, int value); int vector_get(Vector *vector, int index); void vector_set(Vector *vector, int index, int value); void vector_double_capacity_if_full(Vector *vector); void vector_free(Vector *vector); Note that we are writing this code in header file and we will be calling it vector.h Implementing Vector Below is the code for implementation of

C program for calculating IP header checksum

#include<stdio.h> /*program for calculating header checksum*/ int main() { int i=0, binary_index=0, temp, j, b_temp[17], binary[17]; unsigned long int sum=0; printf("\nEnter packet data\n"); for(i=0;i<10;i++) { scanf("%x",&temp); sum=sum+temp; } //finding binary of sum while( sum!=0 ) { int bit; bit=sum%2; binary[binary_index]=bit; binary_index++; printf(" %d ", bit); sum=sum/2; } //reversing for(i=0;i<=binary_index;i++) { b_temp[i]=binary[i]; } j=0; for(i=binary_index;i>=0;i--) { binary[j] = b_temp[i]; j++; } printf("\n\nAns before adding carry bit:\n"); for(i=0;i<=binary_index;i++) { printf(" %d",binary[i]); } printf("\n\nAns after adding carry bit:\n"); if(binary_index>16) { // adding carry bit temp=1; for(i=binary_index;i>1;i--) { if(binary[i]==1 && temp==1) {binary[i]=0;temp=1;} else if(binary[i]==0 && temp==1) {binary[i]=1;temp=0;break;} else if(binary[i]==0 &&

C++ program code for drawing line using DDA

//use Turbo-c and press alt+f5 to see output #include<math.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<iostream.h> #include<dos.h> #include<graphics.h> using namespace std void dda(int x1, int y1,int x2,int y2); int main() { int gd= DETECT,gm; //detecting graphics driver automatically int x1,y1,x2,y2; initgraph(&gd,&gm,"C:\\TURBOC3\\BGI"); cleardevice(); cout<<"DDA LINE GENERATION ALGORITHM\n\n"; cout<<"ENTER STARTING COORDINATES OF DRAWING LINE\n"; cin>>x1>>y1; cout<<"\nENTER ENDING COORDINATES OF LINE\n"; cin>>x2>>y2; dda(x1,y1,x2,y2); cout<<"\n INPUT ANY NUMBER + ENTER TO CLOSE\n"; cin>>x1; closegraph(); } void dda(int x1, int y1, int x2,int y2) { int i,dx,dy,step; float x,y; float xinc,yinc; dx=(x2-x1); dy=(y2-y1); if(abs(dx)>=abs(dy)) step=dx; else step=dy; xinc=(float)dx/step; yinc=(float)dy/step; x=x1; y=y1; putpixel(x,y,WHITE); for(i=1;i<step;i

J2EE Interview Questions

1) What is J2EE? J2EE is an environment for developing and deploying enterprise applications. The J2EE platform consists of a set of services, application programming interfaces (APIs), and protocols that provide the functionality for developing multi tiered, and web-based applications. 2) What is the J2EE module? A J2EE module consists of one or more J2EE components for the same container type and one component deployment descriptor of that type. 3) What are the components of J2EE application? A J2EE component is a self-contained functional software unit that is assembled into a J2EE application with its related classes and files and communicates with other components. The J2EE specification defines the following J2EE components: Application clients and applets are client components. Java Servlets and Java Server PagesTM (JSPTM) technology components are web components. Enterprise JavaBeansTM (EJBTM) components (enterprise beans) are business components. Resource adapter c

How long you should invest in mutual funds ? How to plan SIP ?

Here are straightforward & Easy-To-Understand Answers to your questions: Investment in Mutual Funds through SIP route ought to be unbroken invested with for a minimum amount of five years. (If you would like your a refund in but five years, then invest in AAA-rated Fixed-Interest instruments like FDs or NCDs (Non Convertible Debentures etc.) etc.) Always invest in 5-star or 4-star rated open-end investment company Schemes of supposed open-end investment company homes (names explicit in paras below), if you would like your cash to be in safe hands. (For radio frequency ratings, visit: ValueResearchOnline ) Please note, massive and extremely massive corporations (= LargeCap corporations) ar usually thought-about terribly Safe Companies to take a position in. Please note, tiny and extremely tiny corporations (= SmallCap and MicroCap corporations) ar usually thought-about terribly Risky Companies to take a position in. Mid-Size corporations (= MidCap corporations) are usua

Indian Government Websites Directory

Hello Readers!.. In this post I am going to provide you list of some important websites of Government of India. The official directory of all websites by Government of India is available on . Most of this website are made under Digital India initiative by Government of India. So following is the list of some important websites, I will be updating this list periodically. National Portal of India ( ) :  National Portal of India is the Official Portal of the Government of India, designed, developed and hosted by the National Informatics Centre (NIC). This portal is a single window access to the information and services being provided by the Indian Government for citizens and other stakeholders. National Informatics Centre (NIC) Logo (External website that opens in a new window). The content in this Portal is the result of a collaborative effort of various Indian Government Ministries and Departments, at the Central/State/District level. Th

Java Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is the difference between an Abstract class and Interface? Abstract classes may have some executable methods and methods left unimplemented. Interfaces contain no implementation code. An class can implement any number of interfaces, but subclass at most one abstract class. An abstract class can have nonabstract methods. All methods of an interface are abstract. An abstract class can have instance variables. An interface cannot. An abstract class can define constructor. An interface cannot.  An abstract class can have any visibility: public, protected, private or none (package). An interface's visibility must be public or none (package). An abstract class inherits from Object and includes methods such as clone() and equals(). 2) What are checked and unchecked exceptions? Java defines two kinds of exceptions : Checked exceptions : Exceptions that inherit from the Exception class are checked exceptions. Client code has announced free Internet service for India with Reliance

Happy :) has announced free Internet service for India . Now you can access few websites on Internet for free.  To access Internet for free what you need to do is just get Reliance SIM card (do not activate any data plan), setup connection and start surfing.  Note that if you have Android mobile phone then you need to download app (which is free app) . This service currently only available with Reliance Network because Facebook has tied up only with Reliance Communications to offer free access to Internet . India is the first country in Asia to get the new app . In past four years Facebook has partnered with more than 150 wireless providers to offer free or discounted access to its social network,  but the new app is the first time the company has added services beyond its own website. Following are the websites which you can surf for free :   Bing Search OLX   Aaj Tak  AccuWeather  AP Speaks   Astrology   Babajob

Remote Procedure Call

Birrell and Nelson (1984) introduced a completely different way of handling communication for Distributed System designing. Initially many distributed systems have been based on explicit message exchange between processes. However it was less transparent. So the new concept introduced that is RPC . Although the idea of communication in RPC is refreshingly simple.  In a nutshell, what Birrell and Nelson suggested was allowing programs to call procedures located on other machines. When a process on machine A calls' a procedure on machine B, the calling process on A is suspended, and execution of the called procedure takes place on B. Information can be transported from the caller to the callee in the parameters and can come back in the procedure result. No message passing at all is visible to the programmer. This method is known as Remote Procedure Call, or often just RPC . While the basic idea sounds simple and elegant, subtle problems exist. To start with, because the cal

Echo server using socket programming in c

#include <stdio.h> #include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/socket.h> #include <netinet/in.h> int main() { int newsockfd, portno, clilen; char buffer[256]; struct sockaddr_in serv_addr, cli_addr; int n; int sockfd= socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0); if(sockfd<0) { printf("\nError in creating Sockets\n"); exit(0); } else { bzero((char *) &serv_addr, sizeof(serv_addr)); portno = 5001; serv_addr.sin_family = AF_INET; serv_addr.sin_addr.s_addr = INADDR_ANY; serv_addr.sin_port = htons(portno); if (bind(sockfd, (struct sockaddr *) &serv_addr,sizeof(serv_addr)) < 0) { perror("\nERROR on binding\n"); exit(1); } else{ while(1) { listen(sockfd,5); clilen = sizeof(cli_addr); newsockfd = accept(sockfd, (struct sockaddr *)&cli_addr, &clilen); if (newsockfd < 0) { perror("ERROR on accept");

How to host website from home PC

There are two ways to host your website from home 1. Using static IP (Require your own DSN Servers) 2. Using Dynamic DNS Solutions such as NO-IP. Using Static IP: If you go this way then you obviously you need to buy static IP's from your Internet Service Providers (ISP). ISP's will cost you for this. Next you need 24x7 active internet connection as well as power supply so that your servers can remain online always. Further you have to buy a domain name from Domain Name Registrars. After that you need to assign the domain name to the system which you want to make your Web Server. Next you need two more static IPs to create your own DNS servers so that other DNS servers on Internet can know that your particular IP address (i.e., your Web Servers IP) points to your domain name.  Actually whenever some client types your domain address in his or her browser then they sends request to the DNS servers on Internet which then communicates with each other and

How To Setup GUI For Amazon EC2 Linux Instance or Lightsail

Amazon ec2 Linux instances don't escort a user interface. By default, you wish terminal access for all application configuration. Most of the developers/sysadmins operating with Linux would like the program line over Graphical computer programme. however developers World Health Organization ar new Linux would need a user interface for putting in and managing the applications. during this post, we'll teach you the way to tack together a graphical computer programme (GUI) for Associate in Nursing Amazon ec2 Linux instance. Setting Up GUI For Amazon Ec2 Linux (RHEL) Follow the steps given below for setting up a desktop environment for ec2 RHEL6  instance. 1. Login to the instance using any ssh client like putty and update the server. sudo yum update -y 2. Install the Desktop environment. sudo yum groupinstall -y "Desktop" [ec2-user@devopscube~]# sudo yum groupinstall -y "Desktop" xulrunner.x86_64 0:17.0.10-1.el6_4zenity.x86_64 0:2.28.0-1.el6 Co