announced free Internet service for India with Reliance

Happy :) has announced free Internet service for India. Now you can access few websites on Internet for free.  To access Internet for free what you need to do is just get Reliance SIM card (do not activate any data plan), setup connection and start surfing.  Note that if you have Android mobile phone then you need to download app (which is free app) . This service currently only available with Reliance Network because Facebook has tied up only with Reliance Communications to offer free access to Internet. India is the first country in Asia to get the new app.
In past four years Facebook has partnered with more than 150 wireless providers to offer free or discounted access to its social network,  but the new app is the first time the company has added services beyond its own website.

Following are the websites which you can surf for free:
  1.  Bing Search
  2. OLX
  3.  Aaj Tak
  4.  AccuWeather
  6.  AP Speaks
  7.  Astrology
  8.  Babajob
  9.  BabyCenter & MAMA
  10.  BCC News
  11.  Daily Bhaskar
  13.  ESPN Crickinfo
  14.  Fact for Life
  15.  Girl Effect
  16.  Hungama Play
  17.  IBNLive
  18.  iLearn
  19.  India Today
  20.  Internet Basics
  21.  Jagran Josh
  22.  Jagran
  23.  Maalai Malar
  24.  Maharashtra Times
  25.  Malaria No More
  27.  Messenger
  28.  NDTV
  29.  Newshunt
  30.  Reuters Market Light
  31.  Socialblood
  32.  Times of India
  33.  TimesJobs
  34.  WikiHow
  35.  Wikipedia
What Marks Zuckerberg said:
"We just launched in India -- giving people in six Indian states access to free basic internet services for health, education, jobs and communication. Over the last year we've rolled out free basic services to countries with more than 150 million people total across Africa and Latin America. More than 6 million people are already connected to the internet who previously weren’t, and we’ve started hearing incredible stories about how the internet is changing lives and communities. But to continue connecting the world, we have to connect India. More than a billion people in India don’t have access to the internet. That means they can’t enjoy the same opportunities many of us take for granted, and the entire world is robbed of their ideas and creativity. Today’s announcement is just one step towards changing that. People on the Reliance network in the states of Tamil Nadu, Mahararashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala and Telangana will now have free data access to more than three dozen services. We still have a long way to go to connect India. But I'm optimistic that by getting free basic services into people's hands, more change can follow pretty rapidly. The photo below is from my visit in October to Chandauli, a small rural village in northern India that recently got connected to the internet. Students at this computer center were learning to use the internet for the first time. People from across the surrounding area were visiting the center, and asking the kids to look up information for them. Knowledge and tools were starting to make life better for everyone. One day, we will connect everyone, and the power of the internet will serve every community across India and the world. That day is coming."


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