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Runnig Ionic cordova browser build from react-native project.

Assumption: You have some Ionic project already developed and you want to reuse that in react-native project. Idea: Idea is to copy your ionic build (www folder) to react-native project, create local server in react-native to serve those files. Then create a webview and open that url in webview. Another part is taking care or device back button to drive navigation. Step 1:   Add platform browser to your ionic project. Make browser build Create zip ( of your ionic browser build. (Folder to zip is platforms/browser/www) Step 2: Copy zip created in step 1 to your-react-native-project-root/android/app/src/main/assets Step 3: Creating component in react-native which will  unzip,  create and start local server to serve files from unzipped folder create webview to open url of local server. To create such component we will need to add below npm dependencies to your react-native project react-native-static-server rn-fetch-blob react-native-