What is IP address "overlapping" within the context of NAT ?

IP address overlapping refers to a situation where two locations that want to interconnect are both using the same IP address scheme. This is not an unusual occurrence; it often happens when companies merge or are acquired. Without special support, the two locations will not be able to connect and establish sessions. The overlapped IP […]

What is Service Provider PAT Port Allocation Enhancement for RTP and RTCP?

The Service Provider PAT Port Allocation Enhancement for RTP and RTCP feature ensures that for SIP, H.323, and Skinny voice calls. The port numbers used for RTP streams are even port numbers and the RTCP streams are the next subsequent odd port number. The port number is translated to a number within the range specified […]

Difference between IP Fragmentation and TCP Segmentation

     IP fragmentation occurs at Layer 3 (IP) and that TCP segmentation occurs at Layer 4 (TCP). IP Fragmentation takes place when packets that are larger than the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) of an interface  are sent out this interface. These packets will have to be either fragmented, or discarded when they are sent out […]