Buy a Star War Bike Aero-X by Aerofex

Till the time booms don’t fly, you can take flight of fantasy, in the real world on this sports utility vehicle (Simply called Aero-X hoverbike) that can fly 3 meters above the ground at maximum speed of 75 kmph, carrying two peoples. However you and your pillions weight should not be more than 140 KG. The bike is under development by Aerofex, an aerospace engineering corporation based in Los Angeles and it is expected to weigh 785lb and be 15 feet in length. It runs for around 75 minutes on a full tank of fuel. The fuel used is automotive gasoline. Aero-XThe Aero-X does not fly with the same energy efficiency as a helicopter, due to its rotor blades being shorter, but it is much smaller in size and safer for humans. This craft does not produce the brownout of helicopters, as it is designed to be able to operate near people without blowing any significant amount of dust. In 2014 Aerofex announced that the commercial version of the bike would begin production in 2016 for release in 2017. As per company, the planned usages of this bike include agricultural field work, delivering materials in rough terrain, and for search and rescue vehicles.Aero-X-flying-machine


You can book your Aero-X online by paying a refundable deposit of $5000 as the booking amount , the first batch of delivery will be start in 2017 at an estimated cost of $85,000.

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