Building GPS based Electronic Locking System

     Today is the age of Computer Science and Information Technology and we find its applications in nearly every sector. These technologies are helping world to get better and better. One such application we are going to discuss in this post. From ancient days we are using locks (door locks, vehicle locks etc) for keeping our things in safe and secure. These things could be any valuables such as money, gold and other costly assets. Traditional locks have a key which is used to unlock it.

    Now consider application such as money/costly assets need to transfers from one place to another place using some vehicle. For such applications, we usually use locker for keeping our things (costly assets) safe and then load this locker on some vehicle which will be providing transportation from one location to another, now such locker has a lock which usually opens with some specific key or security codes. We are thinking about to extend the functionality of this locks by embedding it with electronic GPS system. The idea is to have such a lock which will be get locked electronically by some switch. While locking, user will also provide the coordinates of some specific location (destination). When locker along with such GPS Lock will reach to that specific location, it will automatically get unlocked. For making such locking system we need to design whole mechanical and electronic control system or simply design mechanical system and use some open source control board for controlling lock. We will be choosing 2nd option that is we gone make use of Arduino Mega ADK development board for designing control system of lock. I am not gone discuss all design details of whole system, instead I will be just discussing the fragment of Arduino code for making such system.

The system I had design consists of main components

  1. GPS Device
  2. Arduino Mega Adk Board
  3. Servo Motor
  4. Connecting wires

Following is the code for Arduino, with this code Arduino will be able to read data from GPS device attached to it (as shown in images) and it will be examine that data, if it have found that the co-ordinates data from GPS device is matching with target co-ordinates then it will be sending signals to servo motor which will rotate motors arm by 90 degrees which results in opening of lock otherwise it will be keeping motor arm at angle 180 degrees which will the locking locked.


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  1. good day..
    your project is really nice!!
    and it look similar to my thesis
    were developing a thesis..called a gps controlled lawnmower
    i just need some help ni controling the lawn position by google earth or some applicable apps… thank you in advance !!!

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