Is Internet flooding with advertising spams?

    Yes its true, nowadays every company in the world want to attract users on the Internet to buy their products and services and they are just ready to do it at any cost. They hire some other companies/individuals to socialize their products on the Internet and this companies/individuals just flood the Internet (specially social networking sites) with ads, if you don’t believe then just login to any social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or search for any topic of your choice on the Internet and see the results 50% of contents you see across the web pages are ads.

     I just don’t understand why companies are doing it so excessively. Do they think that they will be getting more customers and Internet will grow, sales on the internet will grow? No, not at all, I think by doing this most of the companies will face negative results, users just get irritate if they see the same contents repeatedly for long duration, they just start hating it (usual human psychology).

    One of the reason users avoiding use of the Internet is that they often see such advertisements on the Internet, most this ads are fake and users get entrapped by such ads.  Although the amount of advertisement spam on the Internet is less than 50% but if it will be growing with current rate then nearly 90% of contents you see on Internet will be nothing but advertisements only.  🙁

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