Why your online profile matters ?

   There was a time, not so long ago in fairness, when Social Media was just a medium where people could be themselves, do what they want, say what they want, but time is changing and your movements online are becoming as important as your professional CV. Employers now can check you out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and pretty much any other digital footprint you may have left. It may be difficult to moderate everything that appears on your  social media sites but when you start to look for a new job be aware, I mean really aware, that companies you want to work with will look at your profiles and what they see will have an impact on whether you get that job or not. Of-course it is not true for small companies or most of Indian companies as they don’t care about it. But its true about most of US based companies. What I want to suggest you that your online presence communicates, or should communicate, what you’re truly and genuinely passionate about.

   83% of job seekers would rather have a job they love than a job that pays well, according to to a SimplyHired.com survey. On the other hand, I firmly believe that you won’t be able to obtain and sustain a job without passion any more. There is far too much competition and employers like to see people who are enjoying their work because they will be more productive and help foster a stronger corporate culture. Your best bet is to develop your online presence and focus your job search around what you’re passionate about instead of what will make you the most money. You will soon see that your passion will make you more money than your thirst for a higher wage! 🙂

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