Stunning Rolls-Royce concept car 103EX

          On 16th of June Rolls-Royce announced a driver less, autonomous concept car Rolls-Royce 103EX.  It uses artificial intelligence for autonomous driving and they named this AI as Eleanor. Eleanor can give passengers information about their trip and upcoming appointments for the day.

            The car look is very attractive and it looks almost all like taken straight from a sci-fi film. The interior of car is very special, we can call it moving living room. One of  the most cool thing is it has no steering wheel as car is driving on its own. Passengers in car can sit back and watch a show on a giant OLED screen that takes up the entire wall of the front cabin. This car comes with lot more luxurious features like sleek doors that swing open when you’re ready to start your trip and secrete storage compartment. Following are some of the official videos and images of Rolls-Royce 103EX.

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Official Website of Rolls-Royce EX103 :


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