Top wearable gadgets for women 2015

  1. MICA smart bracelet:  MICA smart bracelet is designed in collaboration with Intel and Opening Ceremony, which finally went on sale this month. It is a piece of luxury jewelry that would meet the needs of women. According to designers of this bracelet, women were interested in three major criteria for a smart, jewelry-oriented wearable: appearance, communication with family and friends and calendar notifications.My Intelligent Communication Accessory, or M.I.C.A., smart braceletAppearance is obviously subjective. This M.I.C.A.’s smart bracelet has ac hunky bangle style, with white or black snakeskin that features lapis lazuli and pearls on the black model and tiger’s-eye with obsidian on the white one. It’s coated in 18-carat gold and is a heavy, formidable piece of jewelry that retails for $495. It cannot communicate with your actual smartphone or tablet— there’s not even an app for it rather M.I.C.A. has its own phone number. So if you want to receive text message alerts on the bracelet, your contacts will have to text the bracelet, though it cannot receive calls. Responses to incoming messages are limited; there’s no virtual keyboard, which would be impractical on such a small screen, or microphone for dictation. You can reply with up to 30 canned responses or create 10 of your own. Intel said it’s working on enabling some kind of “twinning” functionality on the M.I.C.A. that would let it share your existing number. But the stand-alone phone number introduces other complexities: Two years of data are included in the price of the bracelet, but after that it will require its own separate data plan or go offline permanently. The M.I.C.A. can alert you to upcoming calendar events and email, but that, too, is limited. Using the M.I.C.A.’s web interface, you can add two Gmail accounts, but no other web accounts and it can display only Google calendar and Facebook calendar notifications. The M.I.C.A. includes GPS and integration with Yelp for finding nearby businesses. The Yelp listings show you the address and rating of a business, but not its phone number.

  1.  Ringly’s Bluetooth-enabled rings: Ringlycreated pretty, Bluetooth-enabled rings that can notify you through vibrations or flashing lights about incoming messages or imminent meetings (you customize the notifications). 2.	Ringly's Bluetooth-enabled ringsAnd that’s all they do. The design makes a relatively safe assumption about women: that we tend to keep our phones in our purses, not our pockets. So, if you prefer a lovely ring to a clunky smartwatch for your notifications, Ringly is a nice feminine option.


  1. Fitbit Flex Jewelry accessory:  It is actually a removable tracker that slips inside the rubber bracelet that comes standard with the FitBit Flex device. The jewelry accessories let you pop the tracker into either a bracelet or necklace and wear it in a different way. The pendants and bracelets come in gold, silver or rose gold. You have to buy an entire Fitbit Flex for $100 and then the bracelet ($195) or necklace ($175), so accessorizing is expensive. wearables for womenBut then you can pop the tracker back into the rubber bracelet when you’re working out or want something more sporty.

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