Website Hacking and Preventive Measures – Seminar Abstract

Today is the age of computer and internet. More and more people are creating their own websites to market their products and earn more profit from it. Having our own website will definitely help us in getting more customers purchasing our products but at the same time we can also attract hackers to play around with our website. If we have not taken enough care to protect our website from hackers then our business can even come to an end because of these hackers. If we own a website, then we might know the importance of ensuring that our website is safe from viruses and hackers.

After going online most of the website designers think that their work is over. They have delivered what they were paid for and now they will be available for the maintenance of the site only. But sometimes the main problem starts after publishing the website. What if the website they have built suddenly start showing different stuff from what was already present there? What if weird things start appearing on the pages of our website? And most horribly what if the password of our login panel has changed and we are not able to login into our website. This is called hacking, a website hacking. We have to figure out how this happened so we can prevent it from happening again. In this seminar we are going to discuss some of major website hacking techniques and we are also going to discuss how to prevent website from getting vulnerable to different attacks currently use by various hackers.